Addiction Therapy Programs

Everyone’s experience recovering from drug and alcohol abuse is unique, which is why our nationwide addiction recovery center is dedicated to creating individualized treatment plans that meet each of our client’s needs. We constantly strive to provide our patients with in-depth, comprehensive care that addresses substance abuse’s physical, mental, and emotional effects. A major component of our treatment model is addiction therapy programs. These are modalities incorporated into a patient’s plan, as needed, and led by our licensed and trained team of experts. Keep reading to learn more about these programs and how they can benefit you or a loved one in recovery.

Benefits of Therapy for Substance Abuse 

Substance use disorders, or addictions, often co-occur with mental illness. Addiction is often more than just a physical need to use drugs or drink, but rather a psychological struggle to stop using these substances and remain abstinent. Thus, addiction is characterized by a person’s inability to control their substance use, even with the obvious negative impact on them and the lives of their loved ones. 

A detox program can rid the body of these substances and make physical detachment easier to achieve. However, cravings and other roadblocks that can make recovery challenging tend to be mental. For most, the challenges of addiction are emotional or psychological attachment to their substance of choice.

Similarly, certain psychological factors can be powerful triggers for relapse, including stress, ongoing withdrawals, environmental triggers, and more. These factors can lead to a strong urge to use or drink again because they spark a memory of past substance use, which can make recovery more challenging. 

Many people also struggle with mental health disorders along with addictions. This is a condition otherwise known as a co-occurring disorder or dual diagnosis. In addition to chemical dependency treatment for various substance use disorders, Affordable Addiction Treatment also offers mental health services like co-occurring disorder treatment that tackles the intricacies of this combination disorder. 

However, because everyone’s situation is different, incorporating addiction therapy services in our addiction treatment plans allows us to better understand the contributing factors of clients’ disorders and help them develop the appropriate skills needed to help them sustain sobriety after rehab. 

Our Addiction Therapy Services 

As a center for addiction treatment with locations nationwide, we are dedicated to ensuring that all patients receive individual and group therapy services to help them properly cope with the emotional and mental impact of substance abuse and recovery. As you may have guessed, individual therapy allows our patients to speak to therapists one-on-one in confidential settings. 

It is important to offer individual sessions held in settings that make patients feel comfortable speaking and being heard. We also understand the benefits of group therapy for addiction, which is why we offer various group-level services to help clients learn from and connect with others in the recovery community. 

Below is more about the variety of addiction therapy programs offered at the Affordable Addiction Treatment facility and how they support clients through recovery by or improve their existing talents.

Activity-Based Therapies

Generally, activity-based therapy (ABT) is used to aid recovery and rehabilitation to improve strength and regain motor function after a traumatic injury. While it is often used to help people who have undergone severe accidents or other injuries, ABT is also used in cases of substance abuse recovery to support improved physical function and health. 

Our addictions recovery center offers activity-based therapy for addiction and mental illness, which can be further broken down into different options, including: 

  • Art Therapy
  • Cooking Skills Therapy
  • Expressive Writing Therapy
  • Fitness Therapy
  • Music Therapy

Each of these programs is meant not only to help patients detach from the stressors of addiction and recovery but also to teach them valuable and important life skills they can take with them after rehab. 

Animal-Assisted Therapy 

More specifically referred to as canine-assisted therapy, our facility also offers animal-assisted therapy to help clients combat cravings, depression, anxiety, and withdrawal symptoms in recovery. Our therapy dogs are trained to offer emotional support to our clients and act as strong and caring companions in tough times. The goal of this therapy program is to offer comfort to clients as they go through one of the most challenging times of their lives. 

Group Therapy

In addiction group therapy, one or more therapists lead a group of people in a guided discussion on mental illness and addiction group topics. The group sizes may vary, often ranging from 16 to 24 participants. Usually, the same group of clients meets with the same therapist consistently to develop a strong relationship between participants and the therapists. 

Our facility offers several types of group therapy programs, including psychoeducational groups, interpersonal groups, and support groups, to help people who are in varying stages of recovery. Therapists leading these groups will highlight a particular topic and offer participants the chance to share their struggles and successes. 

Individual Therapy

Unlike group therapy, individual therapy focuses on one person rather than a group. These therapy sessions are held in private, safe, and comfortable settings where patients can work one-on-one with therapists to discuss their struggles, progress in recovery, and areas in which they may need improvement. 

There are various benefits of individual therapy for addiction, including developing a better understanding of oneself, enhancing mindfulness, improving accountability and self-responsibility, discovering one’s triggers, and enhancing communication skills. These skills are all crucial to sustaining long-term sobriety and therefore sit at the forefront of our individual therapy sessions.

Finding Addiction Therapy Near Me

These are only a few of the various substance abuse and mental health services offered at our treatment facilities.

For more information about our medically assisted detox, substance-specific treatment, or mental health care options, call Affordable Addiction Treatment at 866-559-2228 or send us your contact information, and one of our admission specialists will reach out to you right away.

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