Group Counseling for Addiction & Mental Illness

Also known as group therapy, group counseling for addiction and mental illness is a type of therapeutic intervention that brings people in the recovery community together. Substance use and mental health disorders can be isolating experiences that often contribute to loneliness and withdrawal. Our group counseling in Florida provides a supportive environment where individuals in recovery can connect with others who are going through similar struggles, share their experiences, and learn from each other. This form of counseling can be particularly effective in reducing feelings of shame and stigma, increasing self-awareness, and providing opportunities for personal growth and healing.

Benefits of Group Therapy

Group therapy or counseling is a form of psychotherapy that involves a therapist leading a group of people with similar concerns or problems. During group therapy sessions, members express their thoughts, feelings, struggles, and achievements with each other in a supportive and confidential environment. The therapist facilitates the conversation, providing guidance and support to help group members identify any common patterns or themes in their experiences. 

Some major benefits of group therapy for addiction and mental illness include: 

  • A more affordable option for treatment than individual therapy (for some) 
  • A safe and confidential space for sharing and dissecting difficult emotions and experiences
  • An improved sense of accountability and motivation to make changes in recovery
  • An offered sense of belonging and support from others who are in similar situations
  • Encouragement of interpersonal connections 
  • Improved empathy, understanding, and mutual respect among group members
  • Opportunities for feedback, validation, and new perspectives from other group members
  • Reduced feelings of isolation and loneliness
  • Social skills development
  • The ability to be used in combination with other forms of treatment or therapies
  • The opportunity to practice new coping skills in a supportive environment

Group counseling can be used to address a wide range of problems, including substance use disorders and mental illness. It’s often used in combination with individual therapy services or other forms of treatment and can be an effective way for patients to learn more about themselves, develop new coping strategies, and receive peer support from others in the recovery community. 

Our Group Therapy Activities & Services 

There are various types of group therapy, each of which is designed to address a particular issue. At Affordable Addiction Treatment, we offer group counseling to support individuals who are recovering from drug and alcohol use disorders or mental illnesses. Patients may partake in a therapy group regardless of whether they’re in an outpatient or inpatient drug rehab program. 

As we previously mentioned, these groups offer our clients a safe, supportive, and controlled environment where they can discuss both their challenges and achievements in recovery while learning from our therapists and others in similar situations. Oftentimes, patients will listen to individuals who have gone through similar challenges more easily than they would a therapist, which is why we believe in the power of group counseling. 

Furthermore, shame and guilt play major roles in recovery for many people, two emotions that can have a horrible effect on lasting sobriety and wellness. However, group therapy shows patients that they aren’t alone in their struggles and they don’t have to feel ashamed about what they’re going through. What’s more, because some patients may be more ahead in their recovery than others, these individuals can offer much-needed encouragement to their peers.  

Finding Group Therapy Near Me

Our group counseling program is just one of several offered at Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches to help you or a loved one on the way to recovery. We employ dozens of techniques, exercises, and counseling methods to allow our patients to confront and move on from the issues which have led them to substance abuse. By targeting these issues, we not only address the root of their addiction problems but also set them up for long-term success, which is always our number one goal. 

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