Intervention Programs


You may have a loved one – be it a family member or a friend – who is deeply in denial about their battle with substance abuse. Maybe they’re drinking so much that they miss work every other day, or maybe they can’t even make it out of the house without popping a handful of high-strength prescription painkillers. Whatever the circumstances, you’ve seen them struggling even as they claim to be just fine, saying things like “I can quit any time I want to” or “I would know if I had a real problem.” Without some kind of external force, the fact is that someone this deep in denial is likely to jeopardize their health long before they admit they need help – and that’s what interventions are for.

At The Cottages of the Palm Beaches, we offer the services of professional and highly-trained interventionists to help you break through your loved one’s denial. They will assist in organizing and running an intervention for your loved one, allowing you to voice your concerns in a structured and positive environment. By sitting them down and confronting them with your concerns, you will help them realize how their drug or alcohol abuse is hurting not only their own life, but the people around them, as well. Ideally, the intervention will end with your loved one agreeing to enter a rehab program as soon as possible – preferably, that very same day!



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