Intervention Programs

Alcohol Intervention

Have you been watching a friend or close family member slowly destroy their life through alcohol addiction? You may feel powerless to stop them, but you don’t have to stand by and do nothing. An alcohol intervention is a highly effective way to present the facts of your loved one’s addiction to their face in hopes of getting them to willingly accept treatment. It can be difficult for an alcoholic to fully grasp the devastation that drinking has caused in their life and the lives of those around them. Many live under the assumption that they either have no problem, or that their problem isn’t hurting anyone else. It’s the job of close friends and family members to convince them otherwise and help them take the first step toward sobriety. The Professional Interventionist Difference Even if you’ve been involved in an intervention before, the best way to ensure a favorable outcome is to work with a professional interventionist. The Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches employs expert interventionists who have been involved in thousands of successful interventions. They understand the best ways to organize the event, counsel participants, mediate disputes, and get through to the addict. Anytime you confront anyone about anything, it can quickly become contentious. When you’re confronting a close family member about their alcoholism and their need for help, this can obviously become very volatile, especially if it is not handled with proper care. This is a highly sensitive subject and interventions are highly emotional. Don’t Wait Any Longer to Take Action Without treatment, alcoholism only worsens over time. Addiction is a progressive disease that becomes stronger and more difficult to break with each passing day. The longer friends and family members wait to step in, the more difficult the recovery process will be. Our professional interventionists can help you get past your fears, alleviate concerns and give your intervention attempt the best possible chance for success.

Codependency Intervention

Help Codependents Find Independence

It can be difficult for a drug addict or alcoholic to get the help they need, or even realize they have a problem, when a close friend or relative is enabling their behavior. In a codependent relationship (where addiction is concerned) one party is the addict and the other does whatever they can to make life easier for the addict, include enabling their substance abuse. When an addict is shielded by a codependent party, it becomes nearly impossible to confront them about their substance abuse. The initial phase in these situations has to focus on removing the codependent party from the equation, so the addict has no one to help enable and excuse their destructive behavior. Codependency intervention is the first step in illustrating to a person how their behavior has contributed to a loved one’s addiction. Signs of Codependency Person is always making excuses for addict’s behavior Person funds drinking and drug use Individual constantly puts their own needs second Individual provides transportation for addict to abuse drugs and alcohol A Professional Approach Goes a Long Way If the idea of a codependency intervention seems daunting, that’s because it is. Telling someone that their behavior may eventually lead someone they love to overdose is not an easy thing to do. The Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches has highly experienced and qualified professional interventionists who can coordinate your efforts. A person may think they’re doing things to help the addict instead of realizing that the best way they can help is by not enabling addiction. Codependency interventions go a long way in breaking denial, clarifying the depths of a loved one’s addiction, and liberating the codependent party. This is also often a critical first step in getting drug addicts and alcoholics the help they need to get sober and reclaim control of their lives.

Drug Intervention

Give Them the Strength to Ask for Help

Prolonged drug use alters a person’s brain chemistry and affects their behavior. After a long enough period of time, a drug addict may be unrecognizable to the people who care about them most. If allowed to continue, drug use will eat away at a person’s mental and physical health and eventually end in a premature death by overdose. The fact of the matter is that most drug addicts are focused on feeding their habit and will not take the initiative to seek help. The people closest to them have to describe the damage drug abuse has caused, and the extreme danger of the path they’re currently pursuing. The greatest chance your loved one has to get the help they need is you. Let Behavioral Health handle the Legwork There are several aspects of an effective drug intervention that need to be taken into account. If you’ve never been part of an intervention or have never coordinated one in the past, there are a lot of things which are easy to overlook which may negatively impact the intervention effort. You’re stepping in to potentially save a life – it’s crucial that everything be managed as well as possible. The addict at an intervention is going to naturally be defensive, and the event itself is bound to become combative at times. The Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches provides objective professional interventionists who can handle each step of your drug intervention. Our interventionists are able to mediate arguments, keep the intervention on course, advice participants on what to say and provide immediate arrangements for rehabilitation, should the addict accept treatment. Get Your Loved One Back The long journey of recovery begins with just one step. Help your parent, sibling, friend or spouse take that first step. Drug addiction frequently ends in incarceration, bankruptcy, derailed careers, destroyed relationships and severe health difficulties. Put a stop to it now while you still can.

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