Professional Programs

Some professions are inherently more stressful and demanding than others. Individuals in these professions are often more susceptible to substance abuse as a means to cope with the intense pressure and/or trauma. Cottages offers specialized treatment for pilots, police officers, fire fighters and other first responders to address their specific needs in addiction treatment.

Airline Worker Rehab

Expert, Comprehensive Treatment for Aviation Professionals

Pilots and aviation professionals face immense pressure in their careers. They are charged with the safety of hundreds of people each day. Whether they’re transporting passengers through the air, ensuring in-flight safety or building the aircraft, aviation professionals work in one of the most stressful fields imaginable. The pressure or trauma commonly associated with their careers very often results in substance abuse and addiction, which leads to a decline in their careers and their quality of life. The Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches has developed an addiction treatment program which addresses the delicate psychological and issues that aviation professionals face. Our Florida Airline Worker Rehab Program combines medical detox, specialized counseling and a personalized care plan to help patients regain their peace of mind and resume their careers. We work with patients’ employers to prepare them to return to work without further jeopardizing their careers and posing any further risk to themselves, their passengers or their organizations. We will assist with the completion of all necessary paperwork and testify at any organizational hearing as to the patients’ suitability to return to work or their need for further treatment. Patients move through the program based on their progress and are only cleared to return to work once our experienced and qualified therapists feel they have are well enough. We will also make recommendations regarding further treatment upon completion of the program.

Led by Accomplished and Dedicated Aviation Addiction Experts

Our program is overseen by a veteran of the aviation industry who understands the unique pressures faced by airline workers, and the relationship between their stress and their substance abuse. Treatment includes group therapy sessions, in which participants can share their experiences and exchange support. It also includes in-depth, one-on-one therapy so our therapists can ascertain just how deeply our patients have been affected by their careers and other external trauma. First-Class, Specialized Treatment The Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is one of the few addiction treatment centers in the country that is equipped to offer specialized care to airline workers. The program is one more example of our commitment to individual, specialized treatment for each patient. Professional trauma is a problem commonly overlooked by the addiction care community, but if often holds the key to helping patients break free from substance abuse. If you or someone you care about is struggling with substance abuse due to a career in aviation, please call us

First Responders Substance Abuse Treatment

When Those Who Help Need Help Too

Police officers, firefighters, and other first responders face a level of stress and pressure that we cannot imagine or comprehend. From the everyday stress of the job, to experiencing extremely traumatic events and dealing with unhealthy levels of anxiety, it can be difficult for these professionals to find ways to cope with their occupational realities. Sadly, a large number of first responders turn to drugs and alcohol as a means to escape the things they experience on regular basis. The problem with treating anxiety, depression, trauma or other mental conditions with substance abuse is that it merely drowns out symptoms temporarily. When the symptoms inevitably return, first responders are forced to self-medicate themselves again. This process continues until a debilitating addiction forms. Our first responders treatment focuses on developing healthier coping skills while defeating addiction.

Let Us Help You Get Back to Work

The individualized rehab treatment at The Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches includes an initial physical and psychological evaluation, a thorough detox and a range of therapies designed to target a patient’s specific needs. Our first responders program is led by a veteran public safety profession with over 30 years’ experience. We also provide qualified professionals for each branch of our first responders treatment. We not only help patients find relief from substance abuse, we also assist in treating PTSD, anger management issues and trauma. Additionally, we provide regular updates to employers and family members about the progress our patients are making in rehab. We will provide testimony and documentation at any disciplinary or criminal hearings. We want to help you get back to helping others and doing what you love.

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