Giving Patients Every Possible Recovery Advantage

The Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches provides a variety of recovery resources to ensure patients are able to stay successful in their sobriety once they complete treatment. From specially tailored aftercare plans, to an alumni program that offers continued support and guidance, to our family program that lets patients begin to repair their families while still in treatment, we have set up a series of safety nets to mitigate relapse and promote lasting success. The Behavioral Health anticipates the potential pitfalls associated with recovery, and provides patients with a solid support system to lean on during their most vulnerable periods.


Helping to Ensure Successful Recovery in the Future At the Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches, we believe that recovery is a life-long journey that continues on long after the end of any residential treatment program. By making sure each patient leaves our care with a customized aftercare program in-hand, we maximize their chances of long-lasting sobriety and wellness. Aftercare plans are specially designed for each patient and include arrangements for continued outpatient care, 12-step meetings, self-help support resources, medication management, and – if necessary – a referral to a sober living facility. Patients are also encouraged to join our Facebook page to lend and receive continued support and positive reinforcement from our community as they continue to work toward recovery. Treatment does not end once a patient leaves their residential program. Our aftercare planning services are designed to ensure that clients will get the help they need to maintain their mental health and stay on the road to recovery as they rejoin their family and readjust to their daily lives.

Family Program

Family Program Family Support and Addiction Education Family Week at the Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches is a program dedicated to guiding, assisting, and supporting the family members of our patients through the journey of recovery. By attending lectures and therapy groups, participants will have the opportunity to learn about topics such as the medical and physiological aspects of addiction and the roles that family members play in substance abuse and recovery. All patients are strongly encouraged to have their family and close loved ones attend Family Week. Considerable research in the field of addiction medicine supports the idea that addiction is a family disease, and that the actions of a family member with a substance abuse problem will affect the whole family. The Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches’ Family Week provides an opportunity for loved ones to spend five days learning about addiction, treatment, and recovery in an educational and supportive atmosphere. Program Schedule Family Week runs Monday-Friday, once a month and begins at 9:00 am each day. Days run until 5:00 pm, Monday-Thursday and until 12:00 pm on Friday. Registration begins at 8:30 am. Up to three family members may participate free of charge. Days are cumulative in content and activity, so it’s important that family members are able to attend every day of the week. The program ends with a meeting between the patient, their loved one and their primary therapist. Patients will only attend an hour each day due to their treatment schedule. Day 1 Family arrival followed by addiction education, where participants join a multi-family group and learn about their role in their loved one’s recovery. Day 2 Participants learn how their behavior has affected their loved one’s addiction and how the latter has impacted their lives. This also includes an introduction to Alcoholics Anonymous and an exploration of the family dynamic. Families are given a homework assignment to complete the next day. Day 3 Families learn how anger affects their lives and how their past has contributed to their handling of their loved one’s addiction. Day 4 Through a series of exercises, families continue they’re healing by releasing their emotions. This allows the opportunity to really practice the “letting go” process. They also start establishing healthy communication and boundaries. Day 5 The fifth day focuses on coping skills and self-care. It is difficult to distinguish between caring for someone and caretaking. By Friday the participants have a thorough understanding this concept. The Family program commences at noon with a private session with their loved one and their primary therapist. The workshops are facilitated by the eminently qualified Julia K. Daniels, LMHC, LMT, Med., Ed.S. The goal for the week is for everyone involved to learn and grow through a series of educational and small-group experiences, with discussion topics including: Understanding what your role might be in your family’s recovery Meeting other families and learning from their experiences Discovering resources and support structures for yourself and your family Call and register now for our next Family Week at (561) 465-1100.

Alumni Program

Stay On the Path of Recovery Part of the reason we’ve experienced such a high rate of success is our continued commitment to our patients, even after completing residential treatment. Our facility is only the first step on the road to recovery, but the alumni program at The Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches stays with its patients long after that first step has been completed. We coordinate alumni events, send out newsletters and share inspirational stories in our alumni program to keep patients going strong. Patients are encouraged to check in from time-to-time following rehab and let us know how they’re doing. We also encourage our alumni to remain in contact with each other to provide a source of strength and help in relapse prevention. Remember that recovery is a lifetime journey – don’t forget where your journey began and be sure to be an active part of the Behavioral Health alumni community.

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