Treatment Programs Offered

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Activity-Based Therapies

Every addiction patient is unique in that they express themselves in different ways. While some patients thrive in one-on-one or group counseling sessions, others are more hesitant to open up, making it more difficult for them to make progress in rehab.

Our activities-based therapies give patients the opportunity to express themselves in non-verbal and potentially more comfortable ways. Using activities-based therapies involving art, expressive writing, music and fitness, The Cottages of the Palm Beaches allows patients to break free of guilt, shame, fear and depression that may be stopping them from opening up.

These interactive exercises allow patients to explore themselves and unlock hidden feelings and thoughts while also having fun. In addition to the clinical benefits gained from these therapies, patients often develop new skills, hobbies and lifelong passions as a result. In turn, their chance for a drug or alcohol relapse is significantly reduced.


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