Intervention Programs

Family Support Group

Knowledge is Power

The more a patient’s family knows about addiction and recovery, the greater asset they can become during and after treatment. The Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches encourages family members of substance abusers, addicts in treatment and addicts in recovery to attend our weekly family addiction education and support group meeting to gain valuable knowledge regarding their loved one’s addiction. Our Meetings are Free and Discuss Addiction as a disease Each family member’s role in recovery Each family member’s role in exacerbation of addiction What to expect during and after treatment The signs of codependency Group meetings are held every Wednesday at our parent facility: Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches 7:30 – 8:30 p.m 7859 Lake Worth Rd. Lake Worth, FL 33467.

Spiritual Program

Allow Faith Lead You Out of Addiction

Spirituality can play a vital role during every stage of a person’s recovery from drug or alcohol addiction. Whether it’s in the beginning of treatment, during detox or upon graduation from rehab, spirituality can give an individual that extra strength they need to power through. The Behavioral Health of the Palm Beaches uses spiritual therapy to guide, inspire and strengthen patients during their journey to sobriety. People have understood the value of spirituality in all endeavors since the beginning of civilization. From ancient civilizations to modern culture, people have leaned on spirituality to help them accomplish great and difficult tasks – even things that were thought to be impossible. The road from addiction to recovery is a long and arduous one – we want to empower our patients with one of the strongest possible allies.

Define Your Own Spirituality

We realize that there are many different religions and denominations to account for, and we have multiple spiritual leaders to meet the needs of all of our patients. For those who do not subscribe to any faith or religion, spiritual exploration can still be beneficial, as spirituality includes heightened senses, becoming one with nature, energy work and introspective journeys. No matter what spirituality means to you, our leaders – Father Vincent DiPasquale, Reverend Don Earhart and Imam Jory Kareem – will help you maximize the benefits of our spiritual-based recovery program.

Realign your morals and ethics

Gain a closer relationship with God Find inspiration through scripture reading

Find relief from mental disorders

Empower your recovery following rehab

Meet new groups of friends to help in recovery

Find purpose and meaning in your life

Fight with the Spirit Through the many ups and downs along the road of recovery, you will need as much help and support as possible. In many cases, our patients don’t have a lot of friends and family members left in their lives to provide this support. Spirituality, no matter what it is rooted in, is extremely helpful in helping addiction patients defeat their demons and turn around their lives.

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